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Muse Festival 2006 - Global Jazz

Muse Festival is a special music event. It is a festival as well as a recording session for the EBU, aiming to support independent music creation in Greece and its international promotion. It focuses on the “Global Jazz” idea, a concept incorporating the Jazz idiom as well as all contemporary musical forms. The concerts are recorded in multi track format and delivered to the digital database of EBU for satellite broadcast throughout the world.

Muse Festival provides artists the opportunity to broaden their horizons of cooperation, communication and inspiration by bringing them in contact with some of the greatest representatives of world jazz. It also gives the audience the opportunity to become part of a unique moment of musical creativity and its subsequent exposure to a worldwide audience. 

 Main Concert Program:

1st Day is dedicated to young Greek composers and performers with three concerts by: Sami Amiri, Antonis Andreou, and Grigoris Danis.  Parallel events with free entrance will take place throughout the day. Events include a forum, discussions, musical show cases, exhibitions and presentations of new musical directions. 

2nd day is a tribute to the legendary ECM record label and will feature the concerts of George Maglaras and Enrico Rava with Stefano Bollani. It includes free exhibitions, speeches and music performances.  

3rd Day is dedicated to new technology and academic music education with free workshops and musical showcases. The festival will close featuring one of the world’s best contemporary jazz groups, the Dave Holland quintet.

1st – 3rd of December – ACS Arts Centre

-       Dave Holland Quintet: Acoustic Jazz Group of the year, Best Combo of the Year, Live Performance of the Year, no 1 Bass player for 3 consecutive years, 3 Grammy nominated albums. Indicative collaborations: Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins

-       Enrico Rava - Stefano Bollani: Musician of the year, Album of the year. Indicative collaborations: Gato Barbieri, Cecil Taylor, Lee Konitz, Martial Solal, Charlie Mariano, the Globe Unity Orchestra, Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, Archie Shep. 

-       George Maglaras: Indicative collaborations: Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Rabi Abbu Kalil, Michael Nikoloudis, Nicolas Simeon, Milos Petrovic, IASIS, Vaggelis Katsoulis, Vassilis Rakopoulos.

-       Samy Amiris Trio: Indicative collaborations: Rex Richardson, drummer of international acclaim Dom Famularo, Thomas Lang και Jeff Bowden

-       Antonis Andreou Group: Indicative collaborations: Bob Franceschini, Mike Stern, Brett Garsed, Amik Quierra, Jimmy Bosch, Cesar Corea, Rex Richardson, Barbara Mendes, Kad, Dimitris Vasilakis, George Kontrafouris, Christos Rafailidis, George Fakanas, Giotis Kiourtzoglou

-       Grigoris Danis Trio: G. Danis has studied allongside the likes of: Peter Bernstein, Vic Juris, Paul Bollenback, Jane Ira Bloom, Richie Beirach, Jamie Haddad, Reggie Workman

Events and music concerts free of charge will take place at the ACS Arts Centre for the duration of the festival:

-       Show Cases with Music Groups from the Ionian University and workshops with Danae Stefanou.  
-       Special tribute to the historical record label ECM with an exhibition of album covers and artwork .
-       Forum with A.E.P.I, (Greek company for the Protection of Intellectual Property)  and independent record companies representatives
-       O.P.I. Organisation for Intellectual Property, A Proposal & Discussion: “Music and the internet”

IEK OMIROS present:
-       Demonstration of the latest in music technology and 6+1 recording and mixing.
-       A hearing of Selected Music and Cinema Productions in surround 5.1-7.1
-       Concert – small sound act. Musically colored improvisation with acoustic & electronic instruments.
-       Concert -  small sound act , “2nd floor”  Creative Group


Kind Sponsors of Muse Festival 2006:  American Embassy, Tag Heuer, ACS Arts Centre, Α.Ε.Π.Ι., Ο.Π.Ι., ΙΕΚ ΟΜΗΡΟΣ

Communication Sponsors: Athens Voice, Culture Guide, Jazz & Τζαζ

Supporters: EBU, ECM, Ianos, Protasis, Epi Kolono,, Nicotian Pianos

Production :

Supervision of production, communication and coordination: Van Dog Event Group

Ticket price: 25 EUR per day

2006 Muse Festival Program

Friday December1
Young Greek Artists Day

Conference  12:00

Discussion Forum on Music Piracy supported by AEPI, OPI & the National Union of Independent music Producers


  Young Greek Composers - Performers
  Antonis Andreou Trio                           
  Sammy Amiris solo piano & Trio
  Grigoris Danis acoustic guitar trio  

Saturday December 2
ECM Records Day

Demonstration  17:00

 6+1 surround mixing demonstration - George Tzamaloukas - Omiros Group

Concert (Lobby) 19:00

Multi-timbre improvisation using acoustic & idiophone instruments - George Katsanos - Omiros Group

Concert*  21:00

  Giorgos Maglaras group

Concert*  22:30

  Enrico Rava – Stefano Bollani Duo

Sunday December 3 

Presentation  12:00

Presentation of the Music Performance Department of the Ionian University followed by a concert of the Ionian Jazz II

Open Workshop   15:00

Experimental Improvisation Workshop - Danae Stefanou

Demonstration  17:00

 6+1 surround mixing demonstration - George Tzamaloukas - Omiros Group

Concert (Lobby) 19:00

2nd Orofos Improvisational ensemble - Sponsored by Omiros Group

Concert*  21:00

  Dave Holland quintet

  * ticket required

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