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Yannis Arzimanoglou: “The Gagabunga Project“

Yannis Arzimanoglou formed in Paris the «Gagabunga Quintet» in 1994.  His music and lyrics are an amalgam of cultures that influenced his musical universe after spending time between  Athens, London, Boston, Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca and Paris.

Sonore canvas is eclectic, happy going, theatrical and universal. His melodies and rhythms blend elements of  jazz, latin, Bossa, salsa, Greek and mediterranean colors.
His compositional work has won awards from prestigious music composition competitions such as the "John Lennon songwriting competition " in New York and the "USA song writing competition"

He has worked among others with, Dada Viana ( Percussion ), Luiz Augusto Cavani (drums) Cesar Strocio  ( Bandoneon), John Silverman ( bass), James Wilson (Guitar), Lionel Coronel ( Sax), Francisco Gonzalez Giraldo( Tiple ), Renaud Gillet (Guitar, Tiple), Tatau Caetano (Drums), Roque Netto ( Trumpet ), Carlos Acciari (Double bass ), Haris Papakyriakou (Bouzouki), Patrick Touvet (Trumpet), Alexander Sadman (sax), Cristina Vilallonga ( voice ), Elena Vilallonga ( voice ), Antonis Ladopoulos (Soprano sax), Manos Lutas(Bass), Giorgos Krommidas(Guitar), AlekosRoupas(Percussion), Loukia Palaiologou(Voice), Christos Asonitis(drums)


  • "Gagabunga" ... a name that evokes the road to "Ithaca"                        
  • "Tutti Jam frutti"  marking the  "Gagabunga Project"

 Yannis Arzimanoglou : Piano / Voice

 Antonis Ladopoulos : Soprano Sax

Roman Gomez : Bandoneon / Guitar/ Charango 

Daniel Gomez : Percussion

Manuel Orza : Acoustic Bass

 Ianos 6/12/2008

Time: 22:30

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