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tsabropoulosThe world famous Pianist & Composer Vassilis Tsabropoulos is going to perform a solo concert on Saturday, December 6th at the French Institute Auditorium.

Mr Tsabropoulos is an ECM artist and has performed extensively throughout Europe and the United States.  

The performance will include music from his latest ECM release entitled "Melos".



Selected Discography 




ACHIRANA                Tsabropoulos / Andersen / Marshall     ECM records


SELECT SIGNS II      Tsabropoulos/Andersen/ Marshall        ECM records


AKROASIS                 Tsabropoulos                                   ECM records


THE TRIANGLE          Tsabropoulos/Andersen/ Marshall         ECM  records


LIVE IN CREMONA       Tsabropoulos                                              Eau de musique   


IMAGES                     Tsabropoulos                                    Lyra records


CHANT HYMNES AND DANCES    Tsabropoulos/Lechner       ECM records 


MELOS                       Tsabropoulos/Lechner                        ECM records



French Institute Auditorium 6/12/2008                         

Time: 22:30


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